Is It Any Surprise That The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Supports Rick Scott?

Who They Endorse:

The main group that helps represent and promote Florida’s biggest money-making industry is the latest to endorse Governor Rick Scott. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association made the announcement at the group’s summit Wednesday in Tampa. And, Governor Scott says he couldn't be happier.

“Very appreciative of y’all’s endorsement. I’m going to continue to work every day to…hopefully this year, we’ll have 100 million tourists, and next year, we’ll keep growing every year over the next four and half years,” said Scott. 

What FRLA Does:

The association lobbies and hosts educational programs for its 10,000 members, which range from corporate chains to single-site independent restaurateurs and hotels. The group was created by the 2005 merger of the Florida Lodging Association into the Florida Restaurant Association. 

Last year FRLA supported a bill that if turned into law would have cut the minimum wage for tipped employees by 57% to $2.13/.hr from the current $4.91/hr.

The attempt to cut the minimum wage may have been the reason that long term member (1980's) Darden Restaurants (Capital Grill, Olive Garden etc.), a Fortune 500 company, resigned its seat on the FRLA Board and withdrew from the Association.

How Important is Restaurant and Lodging to Florida?

Florida's hospitality industry represents:

A $71.8 billion industry

23% of Florida’s economy

$4.3 billion in sales tax revenue

More than 1,000,000 employees – Florida’s largest employer

FRLA = Rick Scott

As far as I know, Rick Scott never waited tables and has zero idea how hard service industry employees work. I am voting for Charlie Crist - in fact - I have sent him money for his campaign. People of the state of Florida do not pay state income tax because the state collects over $4 billion in sales tax revenue - because over 1,000,000 service employees who deserve more than $2.13/hr.


  1. Is it illegal for other staff members to check sale report for proper tip distribution?? If they're being short-changed by others?? Any privacy act issue ??


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