Florida's New Minimum Wage June 1, 2011

Florida's new minimum wage is $7.31 an hour, up from $7.25, takes effect on Wednesday. That's the minimum amount employers must pay employees, including domestic workers.

The state's minimum wage was increased after a successful Constitutional challenge by the National Employment Law Project and Florida Legal Services. The worker advocacy groups sought to correct an error in the method used by the state work force agency in calculating an adjustment in the minimum wage for inflation.

For tipped workers, the increase is from $4.23 an hour to $4.29 an hour, with the remaining $3.02 to made up by tips.

If your employer is not paying you properly, contact my office at 305.358.6800.


  1. In a service charge pool, as opposed to a tip pool, is there any limitations on who can participate in the pool?

  2. Excellent question. A "Service Charge" pool the service charge belongs to the house and is counted as revenue. The Service Charge can be share with any one the owners want to share it with. In a tip pool the tips can be shared with any one the owner wants as well, however, if the restaurant pays you less than the minimum wage per hour (currently $7.31 in Fla.( then the tips in the pool may only be shared with persons who have more than de minis (a little) contact with the guests.

    It is a complicated matter and if you would like to speak with a lawyer to get an opinion of how the law applies to your individual situation, please call out office.


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