Human Resouces at Carnival Cruise Lines Says "NO!"

I have a new client who use to work for Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami. He was was recently let go. In order to evaluate his claim of wrongful termination I needed to see his employment contract with Carnival.

Not a problem right? Just call over to Carnival human resources and get a copy of it from his personal file. Not happening.

I was informed, as was my client, that you get one copy of the contract when you sign it. If you lose it, too bad. Even if you are still an employee you cannot get a copy of it. You can look through your personal file but you may not make any copies.

So, to make a long story short. If I want to get a copy of the contract I need to file suit against Carnival. How stupid is that? My client may not even have a claim. If I could review the contract I could properly advise him. Now I have no choice but to file some kind of lawsuit in order to properly evaluate my clients claims. What a waste of the court's time. You often hear that lawyers just sue everyone and have no scruples. Perhaps so do, but it is businesses like Carnival that force us in trying to ascertain a document our client signed.

Why is it that Carnival will not share their copies of a persons personal file? It no doubt has to do with the corporate "bottom line" and making money for their stockholders. Oh yeah, and paying their executives seven digit salaries each year too.


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