We Prefer Females?

Another Craigslist discriminatory job posting. When will these people get a clue? Discrimination is wrong and should never be tolerated. Remember, tomorrow it could be you that did not get the job because you are the wrong color or gender.

Judging by the posters lack of knowledge of "spell check" you would probably have added duties as a copy editor too if you took this position.

Taste Bakery Cafe.

We are looking for an experiaced Manager to run our Cafe with ten employees.
Duties include hiring, ordering , cashing up and overall control of daily operation. Some baking experiance a plus. Must be very well spoken with great customer service and have a great personillty to comand respect from other employees.

Five days a week from 7am to 5pm. Weekends a must and be flexible with days and hours.

We prefer female applicants but will consider male applicants also.

Call Victor 404 313 1955 or 305 695 9930


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