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Florida Restaurant Law or FRL for short, is my blog. I am Lowell Kuvin, a retired restaurateur (25+ years) who went to law school. I am now a South Florida Lawyer who is specializing in restaurant law. I mainly represent employees and ex-employees against the restaurants who have wronged them.

Most of my posts will consist of new and developing areas of restaurant law, including different cases I am working on. (Confidentiality always observed where it applies).

It is my experience that many people who work in the business are not aware of the right guaranteed them by Florida and Federal laws. Florida might be a right to work state, but it also provides for many worker's rights that your employer may not want you to know or which they may not be aware of themselves.

Additionally, I find that many employees are scared about confronting their employers for fear of losing their job or being labeled as a troublemakers within the restaurant community. All I can say is that I do understand because I went through the same thing at a couple of restaurants I worked for.

What I can do, as someone who knows the business and who is a lawyer, is provide advice for those of you who feel that they need someone to talk to. The solution is not always confrontation or filing a lawsuit. Sometimes a single letter from my office to the HR Director or the General Manager, without mentioning your identity, can solve the problem.

Remember, by law, all conversations that we have are protected by the attorney client privilege as required by the Florida Bar. I cannot, without your permission, contact your employer or divulge your identity to anyone unless you allow me to. Everything is strictly confidential between you and me.

I can be reached in my office during the week at 305.358.6800 or by email almost all the time at lowell@kuvinlaw.com.


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